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Schedule Multi-Point Inspection At Middlebury, CT


A multi-point inspection is an auto maintenance routine that includes checking many vital areas of a vehicle, from the engine to the brakes. It is done to detect any issues before they result in a breakdown. This procedure is a wide assessment of nearly every component of your vehicle. It helps catch potential problems before they lead to dangerous failures or expensive repairs. Post conduction of the multi-point inspection, the service experts will provide you with a report card that includes one of the three following color codes:

Green: The vehicle is in good condition, and it does not require any further service

Yellow: The vehicle is in moderately good condition. However, it may need maintenance service soon.

Red: The vehicle is in poor condition and it needs urgent attention.

How Often Should You Do Multi-Point Inspection For Your Car?


According to most of the mechanics, you should schedule a multi-point vehicle once every 10,000 miles. This procedure is quite affordable. It is crucial for maintaining the overall well-being of your car.

A multi-point inspection will cover all the critical areas of a vehicle, including fluids, filters, belts & hoses, tires, batteries, and many more. Here, at the Crabtree Motors dealership in Middlebury, CT, we offer the multi-point inspection at affordable prices. Our team of certified service technicians will have your car back up and running in no time. You can expect complete transparency, quality, and fairness with our services.

Other Automotive Services In Middlebury, CT


Apart from Multi-Point Inspection, you can also visit us for these services: Oil Change, Brake Pad Replacement, Tire Rotation, Air Filter Replacement, Cabin Filter, Wiper Blades, A/C Performance Inspection, Fuel Efficiency Inspection, and many more.


If you are looking for quality care services at affordable prices, your search ends here. Kindly visit us at the Crabtree Motors dealership in Middlebury, CT, today!


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