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Why Finance With Us?

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Welcome to Our Finance Center
No matter your financial situation, Crabtree Nissan can help you get a car. Our goal is to provide you with low interest rates and affordable car financing offers.
We help Middlebury, Connecticut, area drivers to get behind the wheel with perfect to less-than-perfect credit scores. Let us know how we can help you move your dream car from your dreams (and our lot) and into your driveway.
Use Our Online Shopping Tools
Online shopping tools give you the chance to be an active participant in the process. You’ll be aware of your car’s cost and how much a traded-in car could yield.
Before you embark on your search, fill out the online finance application. It takes only a few minutes and gives our finance experts a reference to guide them in planning your payment plan.
When you submit the form, it goes directly to our experts for their review.
Many car owners count on trading in their current car to help pay for their new one. This eliminates the legwork it takes to sell a car on your own. We’ll offer fair market value for your car. That value can be put toward your next car as a down payment.
To find out the estimated market value, use our complimentary Value Your Trade appraisal tool. It lets you know what you can expect to get when you turn in your vehicle.
Buy a Car Online
It seems like you can buy everything online these days and a car is no exception. Check out our Fast Trac to buy your own car online.
Every aspect of the prospect can be done entirely online. Select your car, arrange your financing, and set up the trade-in transaction. Then you can schedule a delivery right to your home!
Some vehicles and car shoppers may even be eligible for an at-home test drive. By driving it around your neighborhood, you’ll understand how the car will feel when you bring it home for good.
Loan or Lease: We Can Help You Choose
If you’re toying with how to finance your car, go to the experts. Ask a finance expert at our dealership to give you the lowdown on whether to decide on a loan or a lease.
When you opt for a loan, the car is yours. You’ll be able to customize it with accessories and make the style of the car all your own. It’s yours to sell or trade when you want a new car.
Plus, you won’t be limited by mileage restrictions, so you can plan that cross-country trip in the Nissan Pathfinder if you’re game.
A lease can be a great option if you like to experiment with new technologies. With a lease, you use the car for about two to five years at a time.
The car may not need anything more than routine maintenance, partly since it’s new and the car provides warranty coverage.
When your lease expires, it’s time to upgrade to the newest version. You may explore other vehicles in the lineup and set up a lease for a new Nissan.
Finance a Car at Crabtree Nissan
Whatever your financial situation may be, Crabtree Nissan will be there to help you where you need to be. Our finance experts can explain the details of your loan or lease and find a payment plan that is right for you.
Contact us online to schedule a consultation near Middlebury, CT, today!
Ni start

Finance With NU-START
No Matter Your Credit Score!

Our NU-Start program extends its support beyond those with challenging credit situations. We can help even if you don't have a down payment available, don't possess a social security number, lack an identification card, or don't have a tax ID number. In fact, passports are accepted as a valid form of identification. Additionally, NU-Start focuses on rebuilding credit profiles, providing an opportunity for individuals to improve their creditworthiness while obtaining the vehicle they need.

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