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If you’ve graduated within the past 24 months or have written confirmation of upcoming graduation within the next six months, as well as proof of current or future employment that begins within 90 days, you could qualify for a major discount on your very own Nissan. Eligibility Requirements*


How It Works

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As an extension of Nissan’s Vehicle Purchase Program, qualified soon to be graduates, are eligible for special discounts on new Nissan vehicles when applicable. The special discounts Nissan offers to qualified recent or soon to be college graduates may be changed from time to time at Nissan’s sole discretion. The special discounts Nissan offers to college graduates may not be combined together or with other VPP offers in a specific transaction.


Participants are able to receive a discount in the amount of $500, dependent upon the eligible vehicle of their choice, and the amount associated with that vehicle model, plus all consumer incentives.


• Individuals graduating within six months or the past two years from an accredited US two or four year university, college, junior college, graduate school, or nursing school (“Grad School(s)”). All current graduate students and graduate nursing students also qualify.

• Participants must reside in the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska.

• Qualified participants who wish to purchase a vehicle must visit Bulk Nissan with proof of eligibility to qualify for savings. Dealers must submit college grad required documentation to VPP processing to be reimbursed.

Proof of Eligibility is as follows:

• Proof of graduation (College Diploma, Official Transcript) from a Grad School within the past 24 months; or

• Written confirmation (Official Transcript/University Letter) of upcoming graduation from a Grad School within 6 months; or

• Proof of current enrollment (Transcript/University Letter) in an accredited US graduate school

Important Program Information

• Qualified participants are allowed one purchase for personal use in their name only under the Nissan College Grad Program.