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Crabtree Nissan Iron Clad Warranty For Life

Purchasing a Nissan car, truck or SUV is likely the most expensive investment a person can make in themselves – beyond buying a home. When people tie up so much of their money in a single item, they need to know that someone is going to stand behind them in the event something goes wrong. The Crabtree Nissan Iron Clad Warranty for Life program protects just about every nut, bolt and major component in a vehicle for the entire time the original owner has it in their garage. If you have any questions about how to use the Crabtree Nissan Iron Clad Warranty, make an appointment to speak to one of our representatives today by calling, (203) 518-8399.


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Iron Clad Warranty FAQs


While we would be honored to get your vehicle back up and running, the Iron Clad Warranty for Life is good at any licensed and authorized repair facility in the United States. However, if your vehicle needs service and you’re within 40 miles of us, you will need to come to Crabtree Nissan.



Most warranty programs are only good on new models, this is where the Iron Clad Warranty really stands out from the pack. Select pre-owned vehicles that are fewer than five calendar years old and have fewer than 50,000 miles on the odometer may be eligible for the Iron Clad Warranty program.



We can’t overstate how comprehensive the Crabtree Nissan Iron Clad Warranty for Life is. It offers such high value that it is only good for the vehicle’s original owner when the warranty was purchased. It cannot be transferred to a new owner if the car is sold or traded into the dealership.




Without a working engine and transmission, your vehicle might as well be the world’s biggest paperweight. Modern powertrains contain as many computers and electronic systems as mechanical parts. These advances make engines more powerful and efficient but can also complicate the repair process for the at-home mechanic. The Crabtree Nissan Iron Clad Warranty for Life covers repairs to engine components, transmission and drivetrain. All of these parts can be hugely expensive to repair, and our warranty program will add another level of protection against the unexpected.




The Warranty for life is valid for as long as you own the vehicle. Unlimited time. Unlimited miles.


Must perform all factory scheduled maintenance.


All service within a 40 mile radius must be performed at Crabtree Nissan in Middlebury.




There isn’t much that will cause a vehicle owner to panic like the thought of being stuck with a repair bill large enough to have a comma in it. The Iron Clad Warranty for Life is a great way for owners to find the peace of mind they need. Some people might be wondering about how the Crabtree Nissan Iron Clad Warranty works with the existing warranty program provided by the manufacturer. In short, the two work together seamlessly and the Crabtree Nissan warranty picks up where the automaker’s protections end since our warranty doesn’t have time or mileage limits. Vehicles will be protected as long as the original owner holds on to the Nissan car, truck or SUV.


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