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Brake Pad Replacement

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  Need Your Brakes Checked?

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At Crabtree Nissan, your safety is our priority. Visit our Quick Lane for fast brake repair service without an appointment. Trust our skilled staff to restore your brakes to peak performance. For any inquiries, feel free to speak with our dedicated customer services team. Drive with confidence, knowing your brakes are in good hands at Crabtree Nissan in Middlebury, CT.

How Frequently Should I Get Brake Pads Replaced?

Most manufacturers advise brake pad replacement every 50,000 miles, but consult your manual for specifics. Additionally, schedule biannual full-service inspections to ensure overall performance, even if replacements aren't due.

Why Choose Crabtree Nissan For Your Next Service?

At Crabtree Nissan Service Department, our highly skilled technicians provide comprehensive automotive services, from routine oil changes to major repairs. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

How To Know If You Need To Service Your Brakes

Following the manufacturer's brake maintenance schedule doesn't guarantee brake issue prevention. A screeching noise may signal worn pads, while vibrations might result from uneven damage. Slower stops and a less firm pedal could also indicate weakening brakes. Stay attentive to these signs for effective brake performance.

Why Choose Genuine Nissan Braking Power?

The significance of your braking system cannot be emphasized enough. Hence, regular inspection and maintenance by our factory-trained technicians, using authentic Nissan components, are crucial. Should replacement parts be necessary, rest assured, your Nissan dealer provides the precise pads, rotors, and more tailored to your specific model.

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