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Oil Change near Waterbury CT

To ensure that your car runs well for all the miles you travel near Waterbury, Connecticut, make sure you schedule regular oil changes. As common and simple a task as it is, an oil change can make a difference in your vehicle’s performance. Crabtree Nissan can help you stay on task by performing oil changes at the right intervals. Schedule an appointment with us today!

When Should I Schedule an Oil Change?

In the past, you may have heard of having your vehicle’s oil changed approximately every 3,000 miles. These days, cars can go a little longer without this important service being done. Many cars require an oil change from 5,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on the make, model, and year.

If your vehicle uses synthetic oil, you may be able to go 10,000 or 15,000 miles between changes. Check the maintenance schedule or confer with one of our service professionals, who can tell you when it’s best to schedule this service.

Why Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

Let’s go over the purpose of the oil in your vehicle. The oil lubricates the components of engine to produce a smooth ride. As you ride along the Naugatuck River, your car picks up all types of debris, dirt, and other matter. The oil absorbs this, along with the filter.

Once you’ve been driving your car for a while, the dirt taints the oil and the filter. They can no longer absorb everything that passes through them and thus become less effective. This could lead to a more sluggish ride, if you fail to schedule an oil change at the proper intervals.

Do Oil Changes Take a Long Time?

Common services, like oil changes, come naturally to our skilled service professionals. They administer these types of services often, so they become efficient with them. You can normally expect an oil change to take under an hour.

If you add several routine maintenance tasks to your appointment, it may take longer to tend to every task.

Performing an oil change involves replacing the old, dirty oil with new oil as well as installing a new oil filter. This does not take long and goes a long way toward upgrading your car’s performance.

Can’t I Just Add More Oil?

You know that oil is key in lubricating your car’s engine and other parts, so why can’t you just add extra oil? While this can work in a pinch, adding oil does not resolve the fact that your vehicle still needs an oil change.

When it is fresh and new, oil is clear and golden in color. After you’ve driven your car for a while, the oil will become dark, sludgy in consistency, and ineffective.

Adding new oil creates a slurry with the older oil that cannot be as effective. An oil change will bring your car back to its previously satisfying performance. If your vehicle needs oil between appointments, you can add it. However, it’s better to schedule a complete oil change handled by a service pro.

Schedule an Oil Change near Waterbury CT

Your car can drive for many miles around Waterbury, CT, when you schedule oil changes at the appropriate intervals. Stay on schedule by contacting Crabtree Nissan online or by giving us a call.